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We offer the highest quality medical marijuana in San Diego.  Call (858) 375-6652 Today!

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    The Strainbank

    Welcome To The Strainbank.

    A safe, discrete & professional medicinal marijuana delivery service.

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    Medical Marijuana

    San Diego Marijuana Delivery.

    The Strainbank is reliable and consistently has the highest quality menu.

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    Wax Concentrates

    Purest Wax In San Diego.

    Our full inventory of wax concentrates are CO2 extracted only for purity.

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    Quality Edibles

    Only High End Edible Brands.

    Nothing worse than an edible that doesn't work, avoid that with us.

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    Cannabis Plants

    Top-Shelf Seedbank Genetics.

    All of our plants come from the leader in genetics, The Strainbank in San Diego.

Who We Are?

There are so many marijuana delivery services in San Diego and many patients do not know how to find a collective offering high quality medicine with professional customer service. The Strainbank offers nothing but the best medical marijuana in San Diego with customer service that is friendly & knowledgeable.

Membership Agreement

Save time by downloading our Membership Agreement online. Simply have it read and signed for our drivers upon arrival.

Safe, Discrete & Professional

The Strainbank

The Strainbank is San Diego's leading San Diego marijuana delivery service. Unlike doctors who routinely prescribe harmful, addictive prescription medication to treat illnesses, we offer patients a safer, healthier alternative. We're dedicated to providing patients relief from many ailments & conditions with cannabis products. Our culture is beginning to recognize the complete wellness cannabis provides and we are ready to help!

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Although we have only been providing marijuana delivery service in San Diego to patients this past year, The Strainbank has been cultivating the highest quality medicine for The Strainbank since 2009. We now serve 1000s of patients in San Diego & North County.

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San Diego Plants & Seeds

Flower Verified & Lab Tested

If you're looking for the best cannabis genetics in San Diego, then visit The Strainbank to start your own marijuana garden today. It's so easy to grow at home and all medical marijuana patients are allowed to cultivate up to 12 plants year around.

Our Top-Sellers

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is an OG Kush and Durban Poison Indica hybrid cross whose reputation has grown outside of California.

Master Kush

Master Kush is an OG Kush and Skunk hybrid that originated in Amsterdam and has remained a dispensary staple ever since.

Platinum Blue Dream

Platinum Blue Dream is one of our most potent Sativa dominant hybrids, this strain has tremendous medicinal benefits.

Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk is a Skunk and Lemon Haze super Sativa hyrid cross having the most vibrant color of any other strain.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a Chemdawg and Hindu Kush Indica hybrid and has become one most popular breeding strain in California.


Mango is one of our most tastiest strains and is a very potent Sativa dominant that's great for day medication.

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The Strainbank

Our expert cannabis growers and customer service staff are here to assist you in ordering medical marijuana in San Diego online direct to your doorstep. The Strainbank understands how valuable your time is. Our no hassle, online or phone verification makes gaining access to your favorite cannabis strains even easier. Call us today and receive San Diego marijuana delivery of a variety of cannabis oils, wax concentrates, edibles and premium genetics from today's most popular marijuana strains.

What We Offer
Alternative Wellness

San Diego Marijuana Delivery

The Strainbank

Why choose The Strainbank over other marijuana delivery services in San Diego. The difference is simple - we select from the best marijuana genetics, flower each strain and lab certify each batch of medicine before offering it to out patients. Our team ensures that all medicine and cannabis products, such as oils and edibles, pass quality assurance standards.

Medical marijuana is an important and effective alternative medicine for patients in the San Diego community. We are committed to always providing the best cannabis products and San Diego marijuana delivery experience possible. The Strainbank appreciates the opportunity to be a part of an industry helping people live better lives.

The Strainbank


Mon - Fri: 9am to 12am
Sat & Sun: 9am to 12am


8875 Costa Verde Blvd
San Diego, CA 92122


Main Office: (858) 375-6652
Management: (858) 750-5313


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SB 420 & Prop 215 Compliant

The Strainbank

The Strainbank is a non-profit collective and we follow strict ethical and legal medical marijuana guidelines. In order to adhere to California HS 11362.5 & 11362.7, we restrict San Diego marijuana delivery under the County's one (1) lb possession limit. We thank law enforcement in advance for protecting the rights of our medical marijuana patient members.