The Strainbank


Providing us your patient identification online saves you a lot of time becoming a member.

What Information Do We Need?

We will provide a description of the information we are looking for so that you have no issues pre-verifying online. The Strainbank thanks you in advance for your interest in becoming a member.

  • Patient ID No:  This number is often located at the top of your Physician Statement or clearly marked on a marijuana card. Every patient received an identification number immediately following an evaluation.

  • Verification Website:  Most doctor's have a website or specific verification URL that allows collectives to verify new member's patient status very quickly online. If you're still not sure, just leave the doctor's website and we'll find the link for you.

  • DOB:  Some verification websites require your date of birth. If you have applied online before with another collective and are certain this information is not necessary, then we do not require your DOB for our records.

  • Drivers License No:  In some instances, your DL# is required to verify your patient status. If you feel uncomfortable providing this information online, we will wait to get this from you over the phone.

Patient Pre-Verification Form

Once we receive your message, it take no more than a few minutes to get verified. All new members of The Strainbank receive a FREE gift!